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o Here’s How!

We’re familiar with the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” It doesn’t!

Perfect practice makes perfect.” That rarely occurs.

The best attitude on the topic of Practice is: “The road to perfection is a journey, not a destination.”

Steve Jobs, who many consider one of the best presenters ever, would practice for weeks before giving a presentation introducing a new product or service at an Apple event.

Bands that have been together for over thirty years still rehearse (practice) before performing.

Why in the world would someone take a “Speaking Opportunity” and just wing it?

Practicing is not optional. Before looking at ways to practice, it’s important to remember a presentation has two components.

  1. Content
  2. Delivery

Delivery trumps content. You may have the greatest content in the world, but if it’s not delivered to your audience in a manner that educates, entertains, and explains it simply to them, they’ll never GET IT! Read More→


o Your Own!


The Emcee’s last words are often Underwhelming. ..
“Thanks for coming. Have a safe drive home.”

That can be improved!”

AFTER Your Closing Have an AFTER-Duction.

The AFTER-Duction Should be an Integral Part of Your Presentation

The AFTER-Duction Is delivered by the Emcee.

The AFTER-Duction Is the Speaker’s Responsibility to write.


IndezineGeetesh Bajaj, owner of the popular blog, INDEZINE, interviews me about the Elevator Speech.

Geetesh: Elevator speeches are almost always never given in elevators, and as you explain in your course, they are not even all about what we speak! So what exactly does an elevator speech mean in today’s world?

Fred: Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities! That’s my mantra. No one ever challenges it. Why would they!

Delivering an elevator speech is a speaking opportunity and having a super one is useful in a number of settings.

For salespeople and others wanting to promote themselves and their businesses, delivering a great one to a group makes sense. The usual scenario is this: You go to a networking event, social function, or seminar, and the leader says, “Before we get started, let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves. When it’s your turn, stand up, tell us who you are and what you do. Give us your Elevator Speech!”

The goal here, in front of a group, is Read More→

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o Great Back Story! – It’s All about the Back Story!

A Great Back Story!

Marc Dangerfield

My daughter got married this past summer. The groom made a decision to wear a bow tie, and have his groomsmen do the same. These were “real” bow ties; not clip-ons or the kind that clasp around the neck and under the shirt collar.

As the father of the bride, I considered it my duty to do the same, and purchased one that looked great with my stripped shirt and new suit. When I made that decision, I had no idea what lay ahead.

I can’t recall how many videos I watched, nor how many hours I practiced, to tie one correctly. On the day of the wedding, I tied, and re-tied my bow tie no less than a dozen times. Eventually I got it, and if I do say so, looked dapper!

The bow ties were a hit, and I’ve been more aware of guys wearing one than ever before.

Earlier this year I was at a networking event and noticed one on a gentleman. He looked sharp! Not only did his colorful bow tie set him apart from others, but the pork pie hat and fancy shoes he wore, made a statement.

I walked over to introduce myself and started by saying, “Man! I like that bow tie!” Read More→


Barry Coziahr recently interviewed me about the Power of Public Speaking.
He is an excellent interviewer and the consummate host!

Listen Learn Speak!

The interview starts at 3:55.

This interview explores many aspects of Public Speaking.

  • Why Speak?
  • The components, parts, and elements of a presentation.
  • How to manage your Q&A.
  • It explores ways to take a presentation from Blah to Ah!
    • The Law of Primacy and Recency.
  • The Fear of Public Speaking.
    • Why we have it.
    • The What Ifs?
    • Nuggets to lessen it.
  • The power of Personal Stories.
  • The Elevator Speech.
    • What is it and Why have one.
    • The DNA of your Elevator Speech.

Barry Coziahr Interview Here is the MP3 file for this Interview.

—————————————————————————– Read More→



Please CLICK to Enlarge!

Please CLICK to Enlarge!

David Zamudio, Zamudio’s Studio, is a gifted illustrator. I’m proud he did the illustrations in my first book, NO SWEAT Public Speaking!”

One of his most famous black charcoal on white stock drawings is The Lion of Judah. Not only is it a beautiful illustration, but it has a wonderful Back Story.

The Formula for the Body of a Speech is:
Make a Point – Tell a Story!
(Make it a personal story that
reinforces your point.)

This post features David’s magnificent illustration because it has such a great Back Story! The Lion of Judah is an amazing work of art. The Back Story of how that drawing came to be adds immensely to its value.

With David’s permission, and in his own words, here is that story. Enjoy! Read More→



FAILING is a Great Way to Learn!

Seriously? Why?
Because, If you get something correct the first time, you probably don’t give it a second thought.

It’s a Great Way to learn New Things!

Some Failing is Easy!
     A Tutorial is done alone.
           Fail, Fail, Fail. No one knows but, You!
     A Puzzle is done alone.
           Fail, Fail, Fail. No one knows but, You!
Some Failing is Tough!
     Public Speaking is PUBLIC! Very PUBLIC!
Fail at Public Speaking and Many know!

Face the Fear and Do It Anyway!

And, Consider

Read More→


2015 Those 2015 New Year Resolutions!

If you’re reading this blog you probably have an interest in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. Good!

My mantra, as regular readers know, is:
Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.”

No one ever challenges that statement. Why would they!

You’re either now taking and making those opportunities, or you Wannabe doing it!

If you’re already speaking where you work, associations, and chambers – Great! Your goal in 2015 is to deliver more and better presentations.

If Currently Speaking: Start working on your 2015 Action Plan to:
Get more Speaking Opportunities!

Start contacting chambers, service clubs, and others who regularly have guest speakers.

You’ll also want to put out feelers for companies that have ‘Lunch and Learns’ or bring in speakers for Continuing Education for their employees.

Be certain to have a “One Sheet” that can be emailed to them. This is a one page informational document. It should list your topics, give a brief description of each, and have your contact information. Having your “Expert Credentials” included will help land opportunities. Why should they choose you as their featured speaker? Read More→


0Presentation Slides can ADD or DETRACT from your message.

Which to use? Text vs. Images

Presentation Slides: Tex vs. Images from NO SWEAT Public Speaking!

The Goal of All Communication;
Visual, Written, or Spoken, is the same.

We want the recipient(s), as quickly as possible to: GET IT!

They may not agree with Everything you say.

They may not agree with Anything you say.

However, if they don’t GET IT! There can’t be a meaningful conversation going forward.

If I say the word Apple. You probably don’t see the letters A-P-P-L-E

You probably see something Round, Red, and with a Stem.

Let’s try another example. Read More→

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