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EVERYTHING <i>Must</i> Be In SYNC!

If You Want Your Audience to “GET IT!”, Everything Must be in Sync.

Otherwise, you’re sending mixed messages.

The audience will be confused, and they won’t receive the information you’re presenting the way you intended.

If there is a disconnect between the words spoken and the way the speech is delivered, it will be the message delivered via verbal and non-verbal communications rather than the words, that will be received and acknowledged by the audience.

If there is a dis-connect between verbal and non-verbal communication in the delivery of your talk, it will be the non-verbal element that will be believed by your audience.

Example:  If I say to an audience, “I’m really glad to be here today!” but I’m yawning, have poor posture, and talk in a monotone voice – what message am I sending? Those messages are not in sync.

Or, the person who gets stopped by a policeman, says he has no contraband in the vehicle, but is sweating bullets, twitching, and generally nervous.  Will the police officer believe his words or the message his body is sending?

The entire message; words, verbal and non-verbal communications, must be in sync.  It’s also important the speaker is dressed appropriately for presenting the subject and their mannerisms (non-verbal communication) reinforce the message.

This must be considered when first developing the speech.  The subject, title of the talk, and body of the speech must all present the same message.

This doesn’t mean you can’t inject humor in an otherwise serious subject, but it does mean the humor must be appropriate to the topic and not misunderstood.  This means taking into account who the audience will be.

Some of the ‘Gallows Humor” doctors and nurses use in operating rooms would not be appropriate to present to people not familiar with that ‘venue’.  They might have personal, sometimes very personal experiences that would make jokes during an operation completely inappropriate.

Take away from this post: Deliver the same message through your words, appearance and delivery.  Keep everything in sync and your audience will ‘Get It!’


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

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