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Like Chapman’s Ice Cream, Your Presentation Should Have A Subtle Little Difference

Have a “Subtle Little Difference.”

Chapman’s Ice Cream was once a St. Louis tradition.  They were famous for their advertising campaign that stated there was a “subtle little difference” in Chapman’s Ice Cream that “made all the difference!”

This same philosophy can be applied to your presentations.  It’s the “subtle little differences” you put into your planning, then your talk, that will “make all the difference” in how the audience perceives you, your message and how well they GET IT! There are many areas where these differences can be applied.

Let’s look at some “subtle little differences” you can start using now!

  1. Your Introduction.

  2. The Introduction is not you bio.  You write it and review it with the emcee.

  3. This “subtle little difference” will build anticipation for the main act – YOU!  It should answer three questions:

  4. Why this subject?

  5. Why this speaker?

  6. Why now?

  7. Your Opening.

  8. PA– — USE before uttering one word!

  9. This “subtle little difference” will lead to the audience focusing entirely on you!

  10. Grab their attention with a strong opening.

  11. Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

  12. This road map of your presentation will be appreciated, and is a “subtle little difference” because many speakers don’t.

  13. The Body of your presentation.

  14. Use the formula: Make a Point, Tell a Story.  Doe this for three – five points.

  15. When telling a story to demonstrate your point, make a “subtle little difference” by using Personal Stories.  Too many times speakers tell stories of honesty, hard work, and overcoming obstacles that are not their stories.  The problem with doing this is the audience has often heard the story, perhaps more than once, before.  Tell your story!

  16. Your Slide Presentation, offers opportunities to “make a subtle little differences.”

  17. You are the presenter.  Slides help explain the message to the visual learner in all of us.

  18. Use little or no text.  You supply the text.  Bullet points don’t reinforce.  They compete, confuse, and complicate your message.

  19. Use high quality images that are universal and understood by everyone.

  20. Periodically, use the B Button.  The B Button blanks the screen.  This takes the audience’s attention off the screen and onto you.  This is where it should be!

  21. Keep your slides clean and simple by using one image per slide and simple transitions.

  22. Do not turn off the lights!  Even if the image isn’t as bright and clear as you would like, turning off the lights takes the attention off you and makes the slides the presentation.  You are the presentation!

  23. Make a “subtle little difference” by not taking questions after you close your presentation.

  24. The Close is the Close – period.

  25. The last thing you say is the first thing the audience will remember.  That should not be the answering, or not, of a question.

  26. Conclude your talk by:

  27. Telling the audience what you told them.  Doing this will make a “subtle little difference” and improve the odds of them GETTING IT!

  28. Closing strongly with a Call to Action!

Incorporate some of these “subtle little differences” into your presentations and see “all the difference” they make!

About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, an author and a coach. Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts. Perception is reality. All things being equal, we rather deal with Experts. He shows them how to Develop, Practice and Deliver Knock Your Socks Off Presentations! with – No Sweat!

Fred E. Miller

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