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HIRE a Coach.


Want to get great at something? Get a Coach.

Professionals excel with a coach by their side. It's time you had yours.

Invest in your communication skills and discover the art of impactful speaking with personalized coaching. Whether you aim to ace presentations, speeches, or casual interactions, I'm here to guide you.

Everyone Needs a Coach:
Here’s Why

Self-improvement hits a wall without external insights. A coach provides the objective feedback and practical solutions to refine your speaking skills continuously.

Tailored Coaching: In-Person or Online

No matter where you are, benefit from personalized coaching sessions to suit your needs and schedule.

Ready to Elevate Your Speaking Skills?

Your journey towards captivating audiences begins here. Get in touch to schedule your first coaching session and embrace the speaker within you!

If you’ve been asked, or want to:

  • Give a Presentation.

  • Deliver a Speech.

  • Present an Award.

  • Facilitate a Meeting.

  • Deliver a Eulogy.

The Fear of Public Speaking

  • Why most people  have it

  • Techniques to lessen it.

Career Advancement

  • Most leaders are asked to speak.

  • Those "Speaking Opportunities" can lead to Leadership Opportunities.

Elevator Speech

  • You might attend networking events, seminars, and social functions where you’re asked to, “Stand up, please. Tell us who you are and what you do. Give us your Elevator Speech?

  • Do you struggle with your Elevator Speech? Most people do.

  • I’ve written a book on Elevator Speeches and developed an Elevator Speech Template that will help you craft a great one!

Speaking and Presentation Tips

  • How to handle a Q&A Session

  • PowerPoint / Keynote Slide Presentations  (I’m really good at this!)

  • Taking the ‘Temperature’ of the audience

  • Handing Handouts

  • Humor

  • Props

  • Techniques for getting the audience to remember your message

Professionals have Coaches. Amateurs Don't.

Let's have a conversation.

NO SWEAT Public Speaking | How to become a Really Good Speaker with NO SWEAT and Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Let's Have a Conversation!

The first step is to schedule a no-charge Exploratory Meeting to discuss:

  • What you want to accomplish.

  • How I work.

Thanks for submitting!

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