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Fox News interviews Speaker/Author, Fred E. Miller

Fox News interviews Fred Miller

John Pertzborn, co-anchor of Fox News AM Show in St. Louis, interviews me.

Special thanks to Jim Grandone,

Transcript of Interview

How to Develop, Practice and Deliver a ‘Knock-Your-Socks-Off!’ presentation with – No Sweat:

John: What is the one piece of advice that you could give people.

Fred: To become speakers?

John: Yes, sir.

Fred: Okay.  Write this down:  speak, speak, speak.

John:  Speak?

Fred: Speak — you can do all the intellectual analyzing you want about it, but the learning is in the doing.  So you can read about it, you can watch videos of other speaks — you’ve got to speak.

John: You’re never nervous.

Fred: Oh, plenty nervous!

John: Oh, you’re nervous when you get up there?

Fred: Yeah, but you know what, face the fear and do it anyway.  What’s the worst that can happen?

John: Well, the worst that could happen is that people would start laughing at you.  Isn’t that what’s in the back of everybody’s head?

Fred:  Yeah, yeah — that they’re going to laugh at you, that you’ve got nothing to say.  But you know what?  It’s a drop in the ocean of your life.  Big deal.

John: Yeah, it really is.  I mean, what do you have to lose?  Somebody once told me that, “If you get up there and you look out over the vast audience and visualize everybody in their underwear, suddenly you’re not intimidated.”

Fred: Oh my gosh!

John:  Oh, this is — oh, that is scary here at Fox too.

Fred: Hey, let’s get some better looking people!

John: Put some clothes on, young lady.  All right, I wrote down some — best advice.  Okay, you equate learning to give a good speed with an athlete, like Michael Jordan.

Fred: Yeah.  You know, somehow people think that they can just get up and wing it with a speech.  So I always ask the athletes, “Do you ever practice or do you just show up for the game?”  Musicians — do they practice or do they just show up for the concert?  You gotta practice.

John: Well, how do you practice?

Fred:  Oh, practice — this is good practice for me.

John: Just like what we’re doing right now in front of the camera.

Fred: Yeah, yeah — just do it.  You know, do it into the mirror, record yourself, do it in front of friends and family.

John:  Yeah.  Another person told me one time:  If you’re getting up in front of an audience, one of the first things you do is just pause, don’t start right into it.

Fred: Oh, you’re right.

John:  You know, maybe reach for your glasses and put them on, your reading glasses — a little pause there.

Fred: Great advice, it gets everyone’s attention.  First of all, they’re wondering maybe you lost it, but then you have their attention when you pause.  And actually, pausing is one of the toughest things for speakers.  We want to fill that air space, but when you pause, you get people’s attention, you give them a chance to think about what you’ve said.

John: What about the old cliché’ of starting out with a joke?

Fred: Well, it’s got to be relevant, it has to be relevant, because if they’re not — and it has to be funny, because of they’re not laughing, they’re laughing at you.

John: Then you’re the joke.

Fred: You’re the joke.

John:  Oh, God, I hate that when that happens.  All right, well where can people find out more material?  You’ve got a website, I know, that people can go to.

Fred: Yeah., it’s on Amazon, love to talk to people about this.

John:  Sure.  And there’s the book, $15.00.  It’s called, No Sweat Public Speaking, and the first thing you can do right now is speak, speak, speak, speak — that’s it.

[End of Recorded Material]

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Fred E. Miller

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