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Name Tags<br><i>Insist</i> on Them For <i>EVERYONE!</i>

Do YOU always remember people’s names?

I don’t, and bet you don’t either!

All of us have had this experience: You’re at a networking event, business show or merely shopping in the grocery store and spot someone you ‘know’.  You ‘know’ them, but at that moment, have a brain cramp, and can’t recall their name.  Then, like I’ve done, you start to panic because they are headed in your direction.  It’s even worse if you, or they, are with someone.  You know you’ll be expected to introduce everyone to each other – YIKES!

This wouldn’t be a problem if  you, and ‘the person you know’ were: in the military, a first responder, hospital employee or a number of other occupations.  This is because they all wear NAME TAGS.  If you’ve ever attended a Trade Show, you’ve worn a Name Tag, and know the benefits they offer.

Unfortunately, most occupations don’t make Name Tags mandatory.  I really wish they would!

Name Tags invite you in, and close the distance between people. Name Tags save people from embarrassing moments ands help expand our relationships and networks.

I’ve written about the importance of arriving early at speaking events to ‘Meet and Greet’ people who will be in the audience.  Talking to a group where there are individuals you’re met goes a long way towards relieving anxiety.  Name tags make the ‘meeting’ much easier.   Addressing someone by name while extending your hand is a quick and great way to meet those who came to see and hear you.  It’s also nice, if your presentation is interactive, to be able to call upon and answer participants by name.  And for those who seek you out after the meeting, you’re a step ahead by saying their name.

For these reasons, INSIST to the meeting planner, or whoever asks you to speak, that EVERYONE has a NAME TAG! In fact, buy Name Tags at an Office Supply Store and bring them, with a bold, black Sharpie Marker, to all events where you will be speaking.

For more about the importance of name tags, visit the site of the recognized expert on this subject, Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy.

Insist on Name Tags.  Take advantage of them when doing your pre-speech ‘Meet & Greet’, and Q&A Session.  Do this and Your speech will be: absolutely; positively; there’s no doubt in my mind; no ifs, ands, or buts about it; Your speech will be – No Sweat!

About the Author: Fred E. Miller coaches, speaks and writes about Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. 314-517-8772


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