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Business Networking Basics: P-I-F

Updated: Mar 12


Plan - Implement - Followup

Business Networking is meeting people at events, social functions, and seminars. The goal is to develop sales opportunities and contacts, based on those you meet through your own efforts and introductions.

Business Networking doesn’t work unless you P-I-F

P = Plan

What events will you attend and who will be there?

Don’t just “Go” to every networking event, seminar, or open house you are aware of. You can easily fill your day and evening, being busy networking and have nothing to show for the effort.

Pick and choose using the following criteria.

  1. Who will be attending is the first consideration, and can often be determined by viewing the Meetup or Eventbrite site promoting the event.

  2. Are there specific prospects for your offerings who have RSVP’d?

  3. Will clients and past customers be there?

  4. Those are your best prospects!

  5. Will some super connectors be attending? These are people who seem to know everyone!

  6. Do you know them or who might introduce you to them?

  7. What does it cost to attend?

  8. Some are free or priced modestly. Others need an “investment.”

  9. Where is it located?

  10. A two hour networking event one hundred miles away is an entire day. Will it be worth taking part in it?

  11. When will it be held?

  12. What do you “give up” to be present?

  13. What else is being offered.

  14. Is there an educational program or trade show that, by itself, is worth your investment in time and money?

Have great Elevator Speeches!

  1. Elevator Speeches are personal infomercials that succinctly tell others, “Who you are and what you do.” You’ll need at least two.

  2. One to deliver to the group when the leader says, “Before we get started, let’s go around the room. Tell us who you are and what  you do, Give us your Elevator Speech.”

  3. Here is an Elevator Speech Template for delivering to groups.

  4. Another to give when one-on-one with an attendee where an added goal is to DIS-Qualify.

  5. Here is an EXPRESS Elevator Speech Template for delivering one-on-one.

I = Implement

  1. Arrive ahead of time to scope out the location and start meeting other early attendees.

  2. The host, sponsors, and event planner can provide valuable introductions. They will be amongst the first at the venue.

  3. Bring plenty of business cards.

  4. When networking one-on-one, use your EXPRESS Elevator Speech to Dis-qualify prospects.

  5. You don’t want to waste major time on minor possibilities.

  6. When receiving business cards from others, immediately start sorting and sifting them.

  7. One pocket for immediate followup and to enter in your address book.

  8. Another pocket to enter in address book for future reference and drip marketing.

  9. A third pocket to trash when out of sight of others.

  10. They are not prospects for you and you won’t be purchasing their products or services.

  11. As you sort and sift, look for opportunities to refer people you met to those in your network and become one of those super connectors.

  12. The “Law of Reciprocity” will reward you. Perhaps not immediately, and maybe not from the person you referred, but it will come back to you.

F = Followup

  1. Sales is a Process, not an Event.

  2. Closing a sale does not always occur with the initial contact. Qualifying questions need to be asked and answered to determine if there is a fit.

  3. Following up regularly by email, phone, mail, etc is mandatory!

  4. The pocket containing “immediate followup” require an email or hand written note stating the desire to have coffee and find out more about each other and what each of you do.

  5. The other pocket of keepers should be entered into your address book / database for email drip marketing.

  6. One goal is to be top of mind with all your prospects so when they need a solution to a problem, you come to mind!

Follow the above P-I-F Networking Formula and your results will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!



About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, an international coach, and the author of the books, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” and “NO SWEAT Elevator Speech!”

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