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Practice Tip #1 – Read Aloud!

Reading Aloud Will Improve Your Delivery.

Practice -Practice -Practice

We’ve all heard that mantra, and it’s true.

And one of the best ways to improve your voice is to: Read Aloud – Read Aloud – Read Aloud

Hearing yourself as you speak, and listening to a recording of yourself, are two of the quickest ways to improve your Verbal Delivery.

Areas for improvement are quickly ‘heard’ and usually easy to correct.

Pay attention to your:

  1. Pronunciation and Enunciation

  2. Are words pronounced as they should be with the correct syllables emphasized?

  3. Is your diction correct, or are you mumbling?

  4. Are you speaking clearly and distinctly?

  5. If English is your second language, or if you have a regional accent, don’t completely trust your own judgment on this, get the opinion of a trusted adviser.

  6. Projection of your voice

  7. Will the entire audience be able to hear you clearly?

  8. Is the projection consistent, or does your voice sometimes fade?

  9. Inflection

  10. Do you speak in a boring monotone, or do you correctly put inflection into sentences that paint vivid pictures in the minds of the audience.

  11. Cadence

  12. Is the pace of your delivery boringly the same, or do you quicken and slow down the speed based on emotion and content?

  13. Pauses

  14. Do you stop speaking long enough for the audience to digest the words you’ve just spoken, or enjoy laughing at a humorous statement?

Pick a variety of material to read.

  1. Read aloud several news headlines and the stories that follow.

  2. Read aloud magazine articles.

  3. Read aloud children’s books.

  4. These are among the best to read, since many are written with the intention to be read aloud to kids.

  5. If you have a child, or children to practice on, so much the better.

Read Aloud, and ‘Hear’ the improvement!


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

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