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SPEAKERS: Questions about Questions. WHEN. . ?

Updated: May 16

WHEN to Take Them?

Q&A can be an important part of your presentation.

But, WHEN is best?

In your OPENING, tell the audience WHEN You’ll Handle Questions.

Four Choices

  1. THROUGHOUT your presentation.

    1. OK if doing a workshop.

    2. Otherwise, Hope you have unlimited time.

    3. What if they ask about something on your last slide?

  2. AFTER presenting specific components.

    1. Have a time limit.

      1. Stick to it!

  3. AFTER Closing your presentation.

    1. That’s when it’s usually done.

    2. NOT GOOD!

      1. Why?

        1. The Law of Primacy and Recency

          1. Audiences best remember the first and last things they see and hear.

          2. That’s why your presentation needs a Strong Opening and Stronger Closing.

    3. WHAT IF the person you call on last?

      1. Says they wasted their time attending.

      2. Challenges your integrity.

        1. Is THAT what your want the audience to take-away?

  4. BEFORE Your Closing

    1. Yes – Yes – Yes

    2. Why?

      1. Taking questions BEFORE Closing:

      2. Keeps your presentation on track.

      3. Affords better time management.

      4. Eliminates interruptions.

      5. Makes a Strong Closing Impactful!

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Pausing is a key component of presenting.

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