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Watching the Olympic Trials, I Noticed. . .


0All Those Great Athletes Have COACHES!

They are the Best of the Best because they had great COACHING. Many were born with a lot of natural talent. They continually work out and hone their skills. Most have been doing this for years.

More than one left home and moved hundreds, even thousands of miles, to work with the right Trainer. No athlete who will compete at the Olympics reached this goal by themselves. What they achieved was done as a team –  with their Coach!

One definition of Coach is: A tutor who gives private or specialized teaching.

Public Speaking and Presentation Coaches fill this role for those serious about improving those skills. They know:

Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!”

The Coach helps those individuals set and reach their goals. They take their “client” to levels not attainable on their own. Everyone has “blind spots.” The coach sees qualities, good and bad, a person often doesn’t. Professional Coaching will better the positive ones and decrease the negatives – maximizing results.

A Great Presentation Coach will Instruct, Critique, and Motivate!

The Greatest Sports Teams know the value of first class coaching. They compete for the Best Coaches, who are highly paid.

Consider, also:

  1. Actors have directors.

  2. Singers have vocal instructors.

  3. Musicians have teachers.

  4. Students have Tutors.

  5. Many Successful People have mentors.

  6. All those who help people achieve their best are – COACHES!

It is the Political Season, I guarantee candidates at all levels, are getting Coached on their Presentation Skills. There are individuals, who slipped in their Speaking in primary elections, who are no longer in the running. It may not be the only reason for their withdrawal, but a poor debate performance never helped a politician! Political Debates can make or break a Politician. Great Coaching is one way to insure they do their best.

Most Toastmasters consider the Evaluation Portion of their regular meetings, a Micro Coaching Session, to be the most important part of the gathering. A good evaluator, like a professional coach, will compliment the speaker on something in their presentation, point out and give a suggestion for an area that needs improvement, and end with another compliment.

If You Want to Dramatically Improve Your Presentation Skills, Find and Hire a Coach Who:

  1. Has Experience Coaching and Presenting.

  2. (I’m much happier taking the advice of a doctor who exercises, watches their diet, and follows the instructions he gives me, aren’t you?)

  3. Will help you with the Content and the Delivery of your Presentation.

  4. Is proficient with PowerPoint/Keynote.

  5. They should know the mechanics of developing a great slide show and what to place on those slides!

  6. Has the Time to focus on You: Your presentations and what you want to accomplish.

  7. You feel comfortable with!

Professional Coaching doesn’t keep your presentations great; It helps make your presentations great!

Find a great coach to work with and your presentations will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!

—————————————————————————————————————————————————– About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and the author of the book, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” and “NO SWEAT Elevator Speech!”

Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations hire him because they want to improve their Networking, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills.

They do this because they know: Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

They also know: We perceive really great speakers to be Experts, and we like to work with Experts.

He shows them how to: Develop, Practice, and Deliver ‘Knock Your Socks Off Presentations!’ with – NO SWEAT!


  1. Keynote Speaker

  2. Workshop Facilitator

  3. Breakout Sessions

  4. Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching


  1. Lessening The Fear of Public Speaking with – NO SWEAT!

  2. Crafting Your Elevator Speech, Floor by Floor with – NO SWEAT!

  3. Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

  4. We are All Self-Employed!

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