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Great Elevator Speech?
 WHY BOTHER? (Tongue-in-cheek)

Five solid reasons to avoid having one.

Elevator Speech

Great Elevator Speech_

The classic elevator speech. That little personal infomercial that’s supposed to wow your audience in 30 seconds or less. But really, who needs that? 

Here’s why you should definitely not waste your time crafting one:

1. Embrace Awkwardness

Who wants to come across as polished and prepared? Not you! There’s nothing more endearing than stumbling over your words, awkward silences, and a general sense of confusion. IThat kind of communication charms an audience, doesn't it?

2. Audience Focused. Really?

Why adapt your message to your audience when you can just stick to a one-size-fits-all formula? It’s way more fun to watch people’s eyes glaze over as they try to figure out what on earth you’re talking about. Adaptability is so overrated. Consistency in confusion—that’s the goal!

3. Avoid Over-Selling

You wouldn’t want to come across as confident and competent, would you? No, let’s keep expectations nice and low. Being forgettable is the new black. A well-rehearsed pitch might make you seem like you actually know what you’re doing, and we can’t have that now, can we?

4. Focus on You, Not Them

Active listening is just a fad. Who needs to understand the needs and interests of others? Let’s make sure our infomercial is all about self-promotion and completely disregards what others are actually interested in. 

5. Keep it Disjointed

Why build a coherent, engaging mini-presentation when you can have a series of disjointed, forgettable monologues? It’s much more entertaining to watch people’s confusion as they try to piece together your incoherent ramblings. 

So, there you have it. Five solid reasons to avoid having a great elevator speech. Because who needs to be effective and engaging when you can be awkward and forgettable? Let’s keep those networking events and personal introductions as uncomfortable as possible! Cheers to missed opportunities and lost connections!

If you sense the sarcasm here and know the importance of clearly communicating WHO you are and WHAT you do, get my proven Elevator Speech Template HERE.


Pausing is a key component of presenting.

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