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Elevator Speech Test: Does Yours Pass?

If you attend in-person or virtual networking events, social functions, or seminars, one question usually asked is:

Who are you and what do you do?

Give us your Elevator Speech.”

This is an important question and you want to have a great response.

How do you know if you have an exceptional one?

Here is the Ultimate Test:

Ask someone what you do!

Don’t ask someone who heard you deliver your Elevator Speech.

Ask someone who didn’t hear your Elevator Speech to ask a person who did hear it.

That person should be crystal clear about what you do and able to tell anyone and everyone. Those hearing it should then be able to do the same.

If not, why would they ever want to hire you? Additionally, and another goal of an Elevator Speech, how could they ever refer you?

That’s one reason why a great Elevator Speech needs to be: Clear, Concise, and Consistent.

BAD Example: If I answer that question about what you do with, “Bob is an engineer,” what does that tell you? It really brings up more questions. One is, “What kind of engineer?” The answers could be: Mechanical? Chemical? Electrical? Choo Choo?

GOOD Example: “Fred speaks, coaches, and writes about networking, public speaking, and presentation skills.”

That example is:

  1. Clear – plain and simple language.

  2. Concise – twelve words.

  3. Consistent – I’ve used it many times when answering one-on-one or delivering my Elevator Speech to small and large groups.

It also uses the Rule of Threetwice!

Telling people who you are and what you do with a great Elevator Speech is a “mini Speaking Opportunity!” If you’ve read my books, watched my videos, or listened to my podcasts you know,

Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!”

Use these suggestions for developing, practicing, and delivering your Elevator Speech and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, an international coach, and the author of the books, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” and “NO SWEAT Elevator Speech!”

Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations hire him because they want to improve their Networking, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills.

They do this because they know: Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

They also know: We perceive really great speakers to be Experts. We like to work with Experts.

He shows them how to: Develop, Practice, and Deliver Fantastic Presentations! with – NO SWEAT!



  1. Lessening The Fear of Public Speaking with – NO SWEAT!

  2. Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

  3. We are All Self-Employed!

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My books can be purchased on NO SWEAT Public Speaking” NO SWEAT Elevator Speech!”

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