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Audience Instructions: Better Audience = Better Speaker!

o Better Audience = Better Speaker 

Audience Instructions: Better Audience = Better Speaker!

Arrival Be at the venue well ahead of time. Find your seat and sit down. Arriving late is disruptive to the speaker and audience.

For a Successful Presentation. There are specific things the Speaker must do. There are specific things the Audience should do.

Meeting the Speaker before the Event. Makes a connection that helps them perform better and increase your take-away.

Sit so your Whole Body faces the Speaker.

Don’t sit with Arms Crossed. This closes you off to new ideas and the speaker’s message. It sends a negative non-verbal message to the presenter.

Be an Active Listener. Lean towards the speaker and listen intently. Make eye contact with the presenter. When you agree with the presenter, nodding your head in agreement sends positive feedback.

If you want to Ask a Question. Wait till the proper time. Don’t interrupt by waving your hand. When asking, be polite even if you disagree with the speaker.

DON’T: Talk to others, text, eat, drink, or do anything that could be distracting to the audience or speaker.

When the Presentation Ends – APPLAUD! The speaker put time, thought, and effort into their speech. That should be respected and acknowledged.

Thank the Speaker Shake their hand mentioning specific things gained from the presentation.

Better Audience = Better Speaker Following these Audience Instructions will insure you, and other attendees will receive the Best Presentation the Speaker can Deliver!

For Your next presentation, consider sending a link to this Post to the Event Planner!


About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and the author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!”

Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations hire him because they want to improve their Networking, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills.

They do this because they know: Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

They also know: We perceive really great speakers to be Experts. Perception is reality, and we like to work with Experts.

He shows them how to: Develop, Practice, and Deliver ‘Knock Your Socks Off Presentations!’ with – NO SWEAT!


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