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Fear of Public Speaking? What’s it Costing. . .

N Not to Overcome it?

There’s a word for this Fear: Glossophobia, The Fear of Public Speaking. Glossa from the Greek language, meaning Tongue. Phobia from the word, Phobos, meaning Fear or Dread.

The important thing to note is that it is a Word, not a Disease, and it can be lessened!

Many Reasons to Make the Effort to Overcome It!

  1. We perceive really good speakers as Experts. Perception is reality, and we like to work with people who are Experts in their field.

  2. When those Experts take and make Speaking Opportunities, they:

  3. Grow their Businesses.

  4. Advance their Careers.

  5. Increase their Leadership Opportunities.

  6. We expect leaders to be good communicators. Some are; many are not.

  7. The ability to communicate well will catch the attention of others. It will give that person leadership opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

  8. Even if you rarely speak in front of an audience, the ability to do so will Improve Your One-On-One Communication.

  9. Most conversations are One-On-One, and the verbal and nonverbal delivery skills developed for presenting to audiences will transfer to speaking to individuals and small groups.

  10. Getting in front of an audience takes most of us out of our comfort zone, when we do this, the research shows we Make Our Comfort Zone larger.

  11. Each time we Grow our Comfort Zone we Grow our Self-Confidence. That’s a good thing!

  12. You may have heard the saying, “Learning begins at the edge of our Comfort Zone.” I agree.

  13. Adam Bryant, a writer for The New York Times, interviews super successful executives, and wrote a book about them. One of the traits many have is that they are not comfortable unless they are uncomfortable! They know when they are uncomfortable, learning begins!

I have coached a number of people who, because of the Fear of Public Speaking, have passed on Speaking Opportunities. They watched others, who took those opportunities, receive recognition, promotions, and salary increases. Many felt they did better work and were more qualified, but the “Speaker” received the leadership opportunity.

If you’ve been in this situation, you’re not alone. Many people have a Fear of Public Speaking. It’s estimated that 75% of the population, to one degree or another, has this fear. The Good News is this fear can be lessened. Actually, you wouldn’t want to completely get rid of the anxiety. It’s best to take the nervous energy and channel it into your presentation. A presentation without energy is b-o-r-i-n-g! Have you ever sat through a boring presentation? – Yech!

To Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking:

  1. Know your subject.

  2. Don’t speak about something you don’t have an immense amount of knowledge about.

  3. There is a ‘confidence in your confidence’ that will lower anxiety.

  4. Learn, and use, the proper structure of a presentation.

  5. Great food comes from great recipes that are followed, step-by-step.

  6. There is a proven structure that works best for presenting.

  7. Learn it and use it!

  8. Practice – Practice – Practice.

  9. Malcolm Gladwell, in his best selling book, “Outliers,” said, “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good!”

  10. Allow one hour of practice for each minute of presentation.

  11. Just Do It!

  12. This is the most important thing you can do to lessen the Fear of Public Speaking.

  13. The Learning is in the Doing!

  14. Very Simply, if you want to be a great speaker and lessen the Fear of Public Speaking – SPEAK! – SPEAK!  – SPEAK! 

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About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and the author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!” Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts. Perception is reality, and we rather deal with Experts.

They also know: Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities. Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities. Speaking Opportunities are Leadership Opportunities.

He shows them how to: Develop, Practice, and Deliver ‘Knock Your Socks Off Presentations!’ with – NO SWEAT!

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