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“Man! I Like That Bow Tie!” Another. . .

o Great Back Story! – It’s All about the Back Story!

A Great Back Story!

Marc Dangerfield

My daughter got married this past summer. The groom made a decision to wear a bow tie, and have his groomsmen do the same. These were “real” bow ties; not clip-ons or the kind that clasp around the neck and under the shirt collar.

As the father of the bride, I considered it my duty to do the same, and purchased one that looked great with my stripped shirt and new suit. When I made that decision, I had no idea what lay ahead.

I can’t recall how many videos I watched, nor how many hours I practiced, to tie one correctly. On the day of the wedding, I tied, and re-tied my bow tie no less than a dozen times. Eventually I got it, and if I do say so, looked dapper!

The bow ties were a hit, and I’ve been more aware of guys wearing one than ever before.

Earlier this year I was at a networking event and noticed one on a gentleman. He looked sharp! Not only did his colorful bow tie set him apart from others, but the pork pie hat and fancy shoes he wore, made a statement.

I walked over to introduce myself and started by saying, “Man! I like that bow tie!”

We shook hands and he told me his name was Marc Dangerfield.

I next related a bit of the story about why my radar was up for gents with bow ties.

“I wear it for my dad,” was his response.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That sounds like a story. Can you share it with me?”

“I was one of nine children. My dad always wore a tie,” Marc said. “I remember watching him put one on each morning before he left for his job. He taught me a number of different ways to tie one. He showed me the windsor, the half-windsor, four-in-hand, and how to tie a bow tie.”

“That’s a great story!” I exclaimed.

“Unfortunately,” Marc continued, “my father died before seeing the successful life I’ve been able to achieve. I wear a tie to honor him. Throughout the day, I periodically find myself in front of a mirror, adjusting my tie. When I do – I feel my dad.”

If you feel a lump in your throat as I did when I heard this, and each time I repeat Marc’s narrative, you will know why I say – ‘It’s all about the Back Story!”


The body of a speech has a formula: Make a Point – Tell a Story.

Presentation expert, Nancy Duarte, says, “Personal stories are the emotional glue that connect your audience to your message.”

There is much more to Marc’s story and I encouraged him to write it one day. It will contain lots of great lessons on living, and his personal stories to reinforce those points.

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