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Speech Content – Part #5<br>The Conclusion

Two Elements Here:

Tell them what you told them. Conclude with a Strong Closing!

One of the ways to reinforce a message with the goal of the audience ‘Getting It!’ is to repeat that message.

This is why the first part of the Conclusion is to ‘Tell them what you told them.” Restate, in a slightly different manner, the main points of the message you want the audience to take away.

Repetition is one of the best ways to get a message thru to people attending your talk.  Of course, if you’re doing a good job, and constantly taking your audience’s ‘temperature’ for their understanding of your message, you’ve already repeated some points several times.

The Conclusion is the final opportunity to repeat the message in a concise, forthright manner.

Before actually starting your Conclusion, tell them what’s about to take place.  Don’t have surprises in the structure of your presentation.  People will appreciate the ‘Road Map’ you’ve given them, and knowing their present location and destination is a positive thing throughout your ‘Trip’.

You’ll be doing this after completing the body of your speech, or, if you had a Question and Answer Session, after the time allotted for questions.  (Q&A does not come after your Closing.  The Closing is the Closing – Period.)

The verbiage might go like this: “Now it’s time to Conclude my talk.  Before Closing, let’s review what we discussed today.  We . . . ”

Be certain your review hits the highlights of your speech, and restates specific points that needing reinforcement or that might need to be said in a different manner for clarity.

After this review it is time to Close the speech, and Close strongly with a motivational quote, Call to action, or Challenge.  Here is a separate Post that explains this and its importance: Speech Content – Part #5.5 – Closing your Speech


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

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