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When the Screen is BLANK, they . . .

Look at YOU!

Blank, in this case, means completely Black. 

A Blank slide immediately takes the attention off the screen, and puts it on the presenter.

There are two components to a presentation: Content and Delivery.

Content is the message. Delivery is presenting that message and it outperforms content.

Delivery has two parts: Verbal and Nonverbal communication. Nonverbal beats verbal. The audience believes what they see.

Use black slides or have a remote control that will blank the screen.

When the audience sees a black slide, they look at the speaker. Gestures, facial expressions, and other body language should be an integral part of conveying the message.

Slides, and the images they contain, should reinforce and clarify the material being presented. By themselves, they are not the presentation. The spoken words, combined with verbal and nonverbal communication, is the presentation. Slides and other props enhance the presentation and help the audience GET IT!

The image on the screen strengthens the message. This is a good thing because people learn, to varying degrees, in different manners: by hearing, seeing, and feeling. Providing more than one of those mediums increases the chances they’ll GET IT!

If the speaker is just using slides and doesn’t have the audience looking at them, they might as well have a quicktime video going.

There are times to see the image and listen to the speaker, and there are times to focus solely on the person delivering the presentation.

Unfortunately, many people who use slides in their presentations forget this. Perhaps, because of a fear of public speaking, they present this way. They show slides with pictures and bullet points and read the text to the audience. They might as well put the show into automatic mode and leave the room. This is not the way to use a visual aid like PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is a prop, a visual prop. When props aren’t being used, they should be placed out of site. This is why the presentation screen should sometimes be blank.

Follow this advice for blanking slides in your presentations and I guarantee they will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!


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