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UN Learn Something!

For many folks, trying something we haven’t done before is Uncomfortable.

Delivering a presentation in front of an audience positively fits into that Uncomfortable zone for a multitude of people. Who wants to be Uncomfortable? Not most of us.

I suggest we embrace getting out of our comfort zone because the Research Shows: When we get out of our comfort zone – we make it larger!

One of the quotes I often refer to is, “Learning begins at the edge of our comfort zone.”

Adam Bryant is a writer for the NY Times.  He interviews successful executives.  One of the things he found in common with many of them was that they weren’t Comfortable unless they were UnComfortable!  Think about that!  They purposely pushed themselves to a place were they are not at ease because they know they are stretching themselves and will benefit.

When it comes to Presenting, get Uncomfortable!

  1. If you always speak standing in back of a lectern,

  2. Get out from behind it the next time you speak.

  3. You’ll find it forms a physical and emotional barrier between you and the audience.  Without it, you’ll make a better connection with them.

  4. If you usually read your presentation or use bullet point

  5. Try using a Mind Map.

  6. A Mind Map is a visual, non-linear brainstorming tool that uses pictures, symbols, and colors.

  7. Looking at an image, and knowing your presentation, lets you recall and deliver in a more natural manner.

  8. If you’ve never use props in your presentation,

  9. Try using some!

  10. People have three learning styles; Visual, audio, and kinesthetic.

  11. Combining a great prop the audience can look at and you providing the “text” with your voice, increases the odds the audience will GET IT!

  12. Put the prop out of sight when finished with it else it becomes a distraction.

  13. If you don’t use PowerPoint or Keynote,

  14. Try using slides because “seeing” and “hearing” increases the chances people GET IT!

  15. Use high quality, universally understood images instead of text and bullet points.

  16. Bullet Points do not reinforce a message.  They confuse, compete with, and complicate it.

  17. If you usually talk in a monotone voice,

  18. Try practicing, then present, using inflection where you want to emphasize specific words and phrases in your verbal delivery.

  19. If your gestures are not thought of as part of presenting,

  20. Start using them as a natural part of your delivery.

  21. They should be natural and in sync with your message.

  22. For large audiences, exaggerate them so all can see.

  23. If you rarely pause when delivering a speech,

  24. Try it!

  25. Pause before opening your presentation.

  26. Pause when you’ve done something that has the audience laughing.  Let them, and you, enjoy the moment.

  27. Pause to emphasize a specific point in your presentation.

  28. If you take questions after you Close your presentation.

  29. Try having your Q&A Session before your Conclusion.

  30. The Law of Primacy and Recency says the audience will best remember the first and last things they see and hear, more the last thing.  That’s why a speech should have a Strong Opening and a Strong Closing.

  31. If the last question injects controversy or doubt about you and your presentation, that negative thing is what the audience will leave thinking about!

  32. In your Opening, tell the audience when, in your presentation, you’ll be taking questions.

  33. This will prevent hands going up throughout your talk.

  34. If you have never, or rarely use a microphone,

  35. Be certain to Practice with the one you’ll be using before your presentation.  A good presentation can go south very quickly when a microphone is not used properly.

  36. There are different types of mics; hand held, fixed, and lavalier.

  37. Some are directional; some omnidirectional.

Follow these suggestions for getting Uncomfortable, and your next presentation will be – No Sweat!

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