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Presentation Tip # 2<br>Use a Mind Map!

Ever looked at your notes when giving a presentation and everything is a BIG BLUR?

Not much fun when this happens, is it?

Nervous or not, reading notes at the lectern is often a tough thing to do.

Master Mind Mapper

Click for link to Master Mind Mapper

Reading black text on a white background doesn’t stimulate our minds as quickly as looking at images do.  This is one reason a Mind Map is the perfect tool to use for delivering your presentation.  (It’s also great for developing and practicing that speech!)

Mind Maps can be customized to meet your specific needs.  They generally use pictures, symbols and colors that trigger associations in our brain so we can ‘tell’ our speech vs ‘read’ it.  This invariably makes for a better, and more natural presentation.

Rather then having either a stack of index cards  (if you do this, be certain they are numbered) or several sheets of paper to look at, you can have one Mind Map.  Literally and figuratively, your entire presentation can be in front of you on one page.

I use the Mind Mapping software, Inspiration, for this task.  Doing it on the computer offers many advantages over using colored pens and paper, but it’s up to the individual to decide what works best for them.

I set the page in landscape mode and have an image representing my main topic in the center.  I start at 12:00, using an image that represents my opening.  Going clockwise, there will be images representing the body, then the conclusion.  Coming off those images, will be additional pictures and symbols that ‘clue me into’ the content of that part of the presentation.

Each section can be color-coded.  This makes groups easier to see.

Also, lines and words closer to the center are made larger to emphasize their importance.

An advantage of doing this on a computer is that links can be made to URLs, documents and other Mind Maps, making the original Mind Map even more valuable.

Additionally, the Mind Map can be saved as a Template, and modified for future presentations without having to redo the entire talk.

Here is a video explaining why Mind Mapping might be a fit for you when developing and delivering speeches, plus a host of other brain related activities.

Here is a graphic that summarizes developing a Mind Map.  Start at 12:00, and read the map clockwise.

Look at the graphics, symbols and pictures I used.  This is my Mind Map. Yours will look much different, and that’s OK!  One of the cool things about Mind Mapping is that there is no right or wrong.  It’s what works for you.  I do encourage people to try some of the software available for this task.  The right software will help make Mind Mapping an even more valuable tool for you!


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

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