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Virtual Video Meeting Tip: YOU!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023


Recently, if you’re like me, you’ve attended a Virtual Video Meeting. Maybe, a lot of them.

This is the way gatherings, conferences, and events are going to be for the foreseeable future. It might be a one-on-one job interview, a prospect call, a small group meeting, a networking event, or a large conference.

As a professional speaker, I’m usually the only one looking at all the faces in the room. People in the audience see me and the back of the heads of others attending.

Virtual Video formats dramatically change this view. Now . . .

EVERYONE is in the Front Row!

This is a noteworthy component that seriously needs to be considered before attending one of these gatherings.

As I’ve observed and participated in them, I’ve noticed many, including me, are not representing ourselves the way we want to be seen. Some of the messages we’re sending give negative impressions and can have future ramifications. Don’t we always want to present ourselves in a positive manner? I do!

I’ve studied this, a lot, and found some principles and best practices, relevant and important, for all these events.

This post, and ones to follow, will recommend some “Best Practices” for attending and conducting Virtual Video Meetings. One tip important to all these is:

Plain and Simple Rule! Declutter and Simplify Everything!

Number One: YOU!

When entering one of these meetings, the first thing everyone looks at is YOU!

If you’re already in the meeting, as people join, you look at them.

Starting with that first impression, and throughout the event, every message we send; verbally, non-verbally, or in a chat message, is processed and interpreted by others. Even if a slide presentation or other material is being displayed, when others are visible, we’re analyzing each other. We’re consciously and unconsciously, making judgements based on what we see and hear.

Here are some Virtual Video Meeting Tips for YOU.

The BIG Takeaway Tip here is Non-Verbal Communication surpasses Verbal Communication. People believe what they see.

Your Face is the First Thing Others see.

  1. Position yourself so the camera captures you from mid-chest up and shows your entire face.

  2. Look directly into the camera.

  3. Not doing this gives the impression you’re not engaged.

  4. Too far away won’t show facial expressions, a critical element in non-verbal communication.

  5. Too close can show too much.

  6. The position of the camera can also cut off the top of your face, show your nostrils from below, or your neck stretching and eyes looking up because of camera position.

  7. Lighting is critical.

  8. From in front, above, below, or from the side, too much or too little, doesn’t always “light us up” the way we want to be seen. (I’ll write more about lighting in a separate post.)

Showing Up means Dressing Up!

  1. I’m old enough to remember when many professionals, men and women, wore suits to work. Over time, casual Friday morphed into casual week, month, and for many – forever.

  2. For some, virtual video has lowered the “Appearance Bar.”

  3. People show up in jump suits, tie-dyed T-shirts, and logoed ball caps.

  4. Even professional broadcasters, sometimes reporting from their home, have gone beyond casual.

  5. Some individuals come to the event eating and drinking.

  6. The list of appearances and behaviors, that would be embarrassing and not tolerated in person, goes on and on.

  7. Treat this meeting the same way you would if it were in person. Look professional and be seen how you want to be remembered.

  8. No fancy print shirts, wild ties, or flashy bling.

  9. Those are distractions that divert the audience’s attention from your message.

  10. If your “look” is part of your brand, present it!

  11. Do you think Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg would show up wearing Hawaiian shirts?

  12. Would Colonel Sanders be dressed in a black suit or Michael Jordan don a wig?

Don’t risk looking Fuzzy or Disappearing during a meeting.

  1. The speed of your internet connection is important.

  2. If you have a VPN, turn it off before logging in.

  3. Turn off other devices: Televisions, iPads, phones, other computers, that can slow down your connection.

Your Facial Expressions say a LOT!

  1. As previously noted, “We believe what we see!”

  2. Note: Non-verbal communication is voluntary and involuntary.

  3. If you “roll your eyes” when you see or hear something you disagree with, that is the message you’ll send others.

  4. It is important to look attentive!

  5. Nodding in agreement or shaking your head side-to-side gives your interpretation of what’s being presented.

  6. Your face will also show if you’re shocked, disagree, or are in disbelief.

  7. The person speaking and others are “reading” your face. It’s valuable feedback.

  8. When speaking, you’ll “take the temperature of others” for reactions.

Use these suggestions when attending your next virtual video meeting and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!


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