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Virtual Video Meetings: Challenges and Opportunities

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Many meetings, conferences, and seminars are now on-line.

These virtual gatherings are very different from in-person, live events.

  • Attending can be challenging. 

  • Presenting can be extremely challenging, but it can lead to New OPPORTUNITIES!

The Challenges.

  1. Lots of “heads in boxes” including yours!

    1. Audience members are looking in different directions and trying to see all participants.

    2. The presenter knows non-verbal communication surpasses verbal communication. Suddenly, their body language is greatly reduced and the focus on facial expressions dramatically increased.

  2. Technology that’s always changing and being tweaked.

  3. Using slides in a presentation.

    1. Example: Have you ever heard the presenter ask, “Can you see my screen?” If so, what do you see?”

  4. Optimizing sound from a computer and into the talk.

  5. Letting others participate when appropriate and silencing the audience when needed.

  6. Recording the presentation.

  7. Using other tools offered by the hosting platform: Chat, voting, screen sharing, reactions, and more.

  8. Need for new equipment and learning how it optimize it.

    1. Lighting.

    2. Ring lights and other lighting to look your best.

  9. Challenges when wearing glasses and reflections from lighting equipment and the computer monitor.

  10. Microphone.

    1. Microphones on older computers can make it sound like you’re in a tunnel.

  11. Distracting backgrounds.

    1. People sitting in front of windows that interfere with seeing the participant.

    2. Bookshelves loaded with pictures, awards, and books that distract the audience.

  12. Cameras.

    1. Older ones without high definition capability that give a less than flattering image.

    2. Aimed incorrectly at the person so the audience is looking up their nose or side of the face.

  13. Lessening Distractions.

    1. Animals, family members, phones ringing, alarms sounding and more divert attention from the event.


  1. The BIGGIE! An OPPORTUNITY to reach a much larger than local audience!

  2. What you offer probably has value beyond your specific geographic area.

  3. Your local audience could expand regionally, nationally, and even internationally!

  4. There’s a good possibility you’ll add topics to your collection of presentations.

    1. Example: Who was making presentations about using zoom two years ago? No one!

  5. Learning how to present in a new manner means acquiring new skills.

  6. Getting out of our comfort zone makes it larger!

The Challenges that Lead to OPPORTUNITIES.

I’ve presented to live audiences for years.

Usually, I’m the only one in the front of the room looking at faces in the audience. Everyone else is looking at me and the backs of attendees. They usually see me standing to the left of a screen and using slides in my presentation.

Virtual meetings changed all of this. Now, everyone is in the front row and looking at everyone else.

Presentations previously delivered in person usually don’t work the same virtually. Invariably, they have to be updated and often rebuilt from scratch.

It’s a lot of work, but well worth it because: The research shows when going through a complete rebuild of a previous talk, they are usually dramatically improved.

  1. Outdated slides are removed.

    1. Example: My slides showing people shaking hands during a “Meet and Greet’ session is no longer appropriate.

  2. Many slides are replaced with better ones.

    1. Who, when presenting, hasn’t thought, “I could use a better slide.”

  3. Topics and slides not included previously are added.

    1. Example: I’m rewriting a book because I learned so much since publishing it.

  4. Sometimes topics and reinforcing slides are rearranged and reprioritized.

    1. Have you ever thought, “This topic should be presented before . . . “

Follow the above suggestions for attending and presenting on a virtual video platform and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!


Pausing is a key component of presenting.

About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, an international coach, and the author of the books, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” and “NO SWEAT Elevator Speech!”

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