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Written Post + Audio Post = <br>BETTER POST and BETTER SPEAKING!

BETTER POST and BETTER SPEAKING! Ever read your Post several days after publishing and . . . Oops! Combo Post

I have done it more times than I’ll admit.  However, I’m writing this Post to give a solution for catching those errors and greatly improving my Posts! If you are a blogger, writer, or speaker, it might be something you will want to do, also.

I borrowed the idea from my good friend and internet marketing expert, Russ Henneberry, Tiny Business, Mighty Profits.  Russ puts the audio of his Posts at the beginning of each Post. The first time I noticed this, I clicked on the icon and started reading along with his reading the Post.  It was so easy to listen to his rendition of his own Post, that I quickly stopped reading.

If I wanted to review something I heard, it was easy to find it in the written version.  My comprehension of the post was better because Russ, the author, read it the way he intended it to be heard.  He put inflection and pauses where they had the most impact and varied the cadence in the manner he intended the Post be read.

As I’ve often done, I followed Russ’s lead and started doing the same with my weekly Posts. I wrote the Post, recorded it, and posted both renditions.

It’s a good thing I start writing Posts days before I publish them!  The first eye-opener, found when reading the Post into Garageband, my audio capture software, were the grammatical and spelling errors I found.  Yikes! It was a humbling experience because I thought I’d caught those when writing and editing prior to reading – Not!

Finding, then correcting and re-writing parts of the Post makes me a Better Writer!

Recording, listening, then re-recording parts of the Post makes me a Better Speaker!

Listening to myself pointed out I sometimes don’t enunciate or pronounce words as clearly as they should be stated.  Another ego deflater was hearing my voice trail off at the end of some sentences.  Bummer!  But, on the positive side, I am now aware of areas I need to improve and am working on them!

Listening to myself, then re-recording portions of the Post has is a great exercise for improving all the Elements of Verbal Communication:

  1. Enunciation and Pronunciation (As mentioned above.)

  2. Projection – I found myself sometimes speaking too loudly and distorting the audio.  Controls in Garageband are helpful for adjusting volume, but it also made we aware that I need to keep this in mind when I speak “live.”

  3. Inflection – Changing the emphasis on individual words and giving some sentences more punch, helps better deliver the message I intend for the recipient to GET!

  4. Cadence – If I am too enthusiastic I sometimes talk too quickly.  Hearing that leads to re-recording and s-l-o-w-i-n-g down my delivery.  (Others might find they need to pick up the pace of their delivery.  The pace of delivery should be varied.)

  5. Pause – I’ve always considered this one of the most important tools in a Speaker’s toolbox.  Sometimes I hear the silence I should hear; sometimes not.  If not, I re-record and place silence where it will produce the effect I want.

The result of Posting both the Audio and Written versions of Posts is Better Posts and Improved Speaking –  WOW!

The goal of all communications is to have the recipient(s), as quickly as possible, GET IT! This combo posting does that.

An added benefit is that we want our writings: books, articles and Post, to have a Voice. Posting in this manner literally does this, doesn’t it.

If you are a blogger, writer, or speaker, I highly recommend trying this.  My experience tells me you’ll discover the same benefits I found for the Written/Audio Combo Post!

Taking this audio concept a step further, and again, following Russ Henneberry’s lead, I now have a Podcast Channel on iTunes.  This Post, and others are now available there for FREE.  Go HERE to Subscribe, please.

Thanks for visiting my Post! For reading, and/or listening, this far I’d like to give you a FREE Gift. Go to: to receive it!

About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!” Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts. Perception is reality and we rather deal with Experts. They also know: Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities. Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities. He shows them how to Develop, Practice and Deliver Knock Your Socks Off Presentations! with – No Sweat!

Fred E. Miller

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