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Speakers: Brand Yourself with – <i>“No Sweat!”</i>

Brand Yourself!

“If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.”Speakers

This is how David Gregory, the moderator of the the longest-running television series in American broadcasting, signs off each Sunday morning.

Tim Russert, the previous host, and all hosts before him, signed off with the same words.  It’s part of this weekly television news/interview program’s Branding.

Branding yourself and company in several ways, so others know who you are and what you do, should be part of your marketing strategy.  Using it in your Closing can be particularly effective.  This is because of the Law of Primacy and Recency which says, “The last thing the audience sees and hears will be the first thing they will remember.”

If you’re a fan of the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, you know his presentations always closed with his Branded Tag Line, “I will see You – At The Top!”

My good friend and internet marketing expert Russ Henneberry blogs on the site, Tiny Business, Mighty Profits.  He closes and Brands his presentations with the statement, “Starting tomorrow, do the things we worked on today, and Your Tiny Business will have – Mighty  Profits!”

If you hear the phrase, “It just works!” you associate it with Steve Jobs.  Another of his favorites was, “And one more thing!”  Combine those statements with a black turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers and you have the Brand, Steve Jobs! That Brand was, and will forever be, associated with the bigger Brand, Apple.

I’ve worked very hard on my “No Sweat!” Brand:

  1. No Sweat Public Speaking!” is my book.

  2. No Sweat Public Speaking!” is my website.

  3. Above my signature on correspondence and emails are the words, “Make your next presentation – “No Sweat!”

  4. When I encourage others with an upcoming presentation I tell them it will be –  “No Sweat!”

  5. I Close all my presentations with:

  6. “I’m going to close my talk with a Challenge – and a Prediction.

  7. Here’s my challenge, and it’s a challenge to each and every one of you.

  8. The next time you have a speaking opportunity – Grab It!

  9. Then prepare, practice and deliver that speech using all the components, parts and elements of  ”No Sweat Public Speaking!

  10. ”Do that, and my prediction is this:

  11. Your speech will be: absolutely, positively, there’s no doubt in my mind; no ifs, ands or buts about it.  That speech will be (As I speak those words, I wipe my brow, look at the palm of my hand, then look up at the audience, smile broadly and say),  – “No Sweat!”

  12. I’ve even had people in the audience, who see this Closing Statement coming, mouth the words “No Sweat!” with me!

  13. That means they’re GETTING IT! with my Branding. How cool is that!

Now, My Challenge – and Prediction to you is this: Develop a closing statement that brands you and your talks.

Do that, and my prediction is this: Your Brand will grow, and grow – making you the ‘Go-To Person’ in your area of expertise!

Leave a Comment, please, and let us know how you Brand Yourself!

For reading, and/or listening, this far I’d like to give you a FREE Gift. Go to: to receive it!

About the Author Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!” Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts. Perception is reality and we rather deal with Experts.

They also know: Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities. Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities. Speaking Opportunities are Leadership Opportunities. He shows them how to Develop, Practice, and Deliver ‘Knock Your Socks Off Presentations!’ with – No Sweat!

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